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Did you ever expect that switches would become touch switches? Currently, with the development of electrical tools products, touch switches have become.

In modern homes, such as duplex villas and luxury apartments, or what is called modern, a smart home system has been added, which is a system for controlling lighting, air conditioning, or even window blinds.

Here, even if your home is not new, all electrical switches can be changed and given beauty and ease of use as a kind of renovation.

Within this system, the current traditional keys have been replaced with touch keys of different shapes and colors, and even some of them work with Wi-Fi.

There are two systems for touch keys:
Touch switch without Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi touch switch.
The switches equipped with the Wi-Fi system have a remote control, which requires downloading the special application on Android or Apple devices. Unlike the keys that are not equipped with the Wi-Fi system.

Choosing the appropriate keys for you depends on the need (for Wi-Fi) or not, as the price of the key equipped with (Wi-Fi) is higher than that of those not equipped with (Wi-Fi) technology.

Touch keys give beauty to the home and ease of operation and shutdown. As it is equipped with a dim light, it can be seen in the dark to turn on the lighting, unlike the traditional switches.

Types of switches in terms of the number of light outlets
Lighting switches contain types in terms of the number of exits for lighting, as they start from one to four switches. On a variety of shapes, including square 7 * 7, including rectangle. Rectangular shapes can be installed either lengthwise or crosswise as desired at the time of fixing the inner boxes to the wall.

How to connect touch keys
Ease of connecting the switch as it contains one entrance, which is the current source and is symbolized by IN. Or the rest, it is an exit for lighting according to the number of exits, and it is symbolized by L1, L2, L3, etc. As for what is indicated in blue in the picture, it is the neutral, and it is connected according to the picture to the entrance, which is symbolized by N.

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