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  How to become a successful real estate trader
Geschrieben von: merehan - 11-02-2022, 02:24 AM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

It is one of the most prominent human activities since ancient times, and it is basically a reciprocal process between two or more parties in which the service provider gives the commodity to the buyer in return for a fee, and that commodity can be a non-material service, and one of the major types of trade is the real estate trade whose market represents one Business pillars in each country.

This market has undergone development and development so that it is possible to complete sales and purchase operations remotely electronically or through intermediaries, and trade in the real estate world requires a lot of skill and experience due to the strength of the market and the intensity of competition.

Steps to becoming a successful real estate trader
Real estate trading is divided into buying and selling fixed real estate buildings and developing real estate, then selling them after adding a profit margin to the real estate brokerage that is recommended for beginners in this field, and you can become one of the successful real estate dealers by following the following tips:

market study
You cannot become a real estate dealer by simply wanting to, but you must study this field well, starting with reading references to real estate work and market conditions in your country and the city in which you plan to work, by comparing the buying and selling numbers in the last five years, and the impact of political and economic conditions on the prices.

It is preferable to obtain practical experience in the real estate field by training by an expert to know profit margins, potential losses, and how to avoid them, in addition to the legal aspect of the work that you should not exceed.

character development
Successful people in the real estate field do not exceed twenty percent, and this is due to several factors, the most important of which is excellent communication with customers and building trust. Of course, it may take several years to obtain the full confidence of customers in this field, but it starts from dealing with the customer with confidence and honesty with good judgment on All topics related to work and meet the needs of the client.

You must also be presentable and tactful in dealing with adding an atmosphere of fun and intimacy with others, and be aware of the social and cultural differences between different customers and communicate with each of them in the way that suits them, whether in making offers or negotiating prices.

full time
Success in this field means sacrificing a lot of time and allocating it either to work or self-development, so make annual and monthly plans for progress in work and development, and work to implement them no matter what.

Also, business in general and real estate in particular may require you to work long hours, and move between different cities to hold meetings with potential clients, and by adding the technology factor to the work, you will have to communicate almost permanently via the Internet to follow up on messages and respond to them.

خدمات الملاك
خدمات الإدارة المالية
خليفة لإدارة العقارات والممتلكات

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  private international law
Geschrieben von: merehan - 11-02-2022, 01:47 AM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

private international law
It is a type of international law, which aims to implement international law specific to states, and some legal scholars see it as: a branch of legal branches that contain a set of topics and legislative provisions.

Among its definitions, it is also: a set of legal texts that aim to regulate dealings between local individuals and foreigners, in the sense of determining how the law is applied to the citizens of the country, and to individuals who come to it from other countries.

The emergence of the term private international law dates back to 1834 AD, and it was first applied in the Netherlands, as a method of legal means that works to settle legal disputes between individuals based on the countries to which they belong. This law spread in France after the French Revolution; Because of the increased travel of foreign individuals to it after the emergence of the new French state, in order to help organize all areas of their lives from work, housing, education, and others.

Characteristics of private international law
Private international law has several characteristics that have been established by legal scholars, namely:

It differs from the law of the state, which is known as (national law).
The law is binding on its application in the settlement of some judicial disputes.
Some of its legal branches are considered new.
This law is applied like all other laws, depending on the judicial courts.
Each country in the world has the right to determine the legal texts that will be used in its own international law, so there is no special international law for all countries of the world.
Topics of private international law
There is a group of topics that private international law is interested in addressing, including:

It is a set of rules and legal attributes that bind a person to his state, and each member of the state is known as (citizen), since every citizen has taken the state in which he lives as a place to settle.

It is a set of legal rules that define the rights and duties of individuals who do not hold the nationality of the country in which they live, and they are called (foreigners), because they are not civilly linked with the legislation of the country, and each foreign individual is granted special permits by the responsible authorities, In order to obtain their rights to residency, work, and education, they must, in return, carry out all their duties, just like citizens within the state.

conflict of laws
It is a set of laws that together differ on the application of legal legislation to foreigners, and each branch, or legal aspect, claims that it is more entitled than others to apply the law to foreign individuals, and the role of private international law comes, as it aims to bring legal texts between these laws, and apply the appropriate ones , which complies with the law of each country.

رقم محامي في الامارات
محامي جنائي في الامارات

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  Construction tools
Geschrieben von: merehan - 10-31-2022, 09:49 PM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

Construction tools
The construction process has an important role in the urbanization and renaissance of cities, and the development of industrial life in them, and it needs specific tools to do this task; Construction tools are tools and equipment that are used to build bridges and various structures; Such as homes, hotels, educational places, animal pens, wheat silos, factories, and others.

The importance of construction tools
The selection of construction tools appropriate in terms of size and type has an important and effective role; It contributes to influencing the productivity of the project, the effort expended and the required time, and it is also necessary to enable the observer to exercise his powers, and to know the powers of the contractor at each stage and the extent of his impact on the project, and whether the contractor's work conforms to the required specifications, in addition to his role in helping the observer to understanding the problem and how to solve it; Construction tools are very important for a project manager or construction planner; The manager must be familiar with the tools used in construction

hand building tools
Axe: A tool used for digging foundations and mixing and stirring raw materials.
Crick: It is a tool that consists of a long wooden stick, connected from the bottom with a piece of iron, wide and flat, used in mixing concrete materials, lifting dust and transporting materials during the excavation process.
Al-Far``: It is an ax-like tool consisting of a long metal or wooden stick connected from the bottom with a piece of iron.

Al-Banawi (hammer): a tool consisting of a pointed metal head connected to a short iron hand that ends with a wooden handle, and is used in the process of breaking bricks and packing the shape of the stone.

The ruler (the spoon): It is a flat and small piece of iron connected to a small iron handle, which ends with a wooden hand. The rulers are used to spread the concrete mixture between the bricks during construction, and to plaster and smooth the walls, and to put white putty on the walls before doing the painting, as is the case with It is sometimes used to break bricks. There are two types of rulers:
Round or oval trowels: They are the trowels that are used in laying mortar materials (concrete).

Square rulers: These are the rulers that are used for cleaning.
Embryo (chisel): It is a solid rod that is flattened on one end and sharp on the other end, used to make holes in the walls to install the scaffolds by striking them with the chisel.
Al-Qarwana: It is a steel container used to transport the mortar to the construction site.

Bucket: It is a bucket made of iron or copper, used to raise water and transport it from one place to another.
The cart: It is a deep bowl, installed on a solid structure connected to two long handles with one wheel, and the cart is used to transport special materials in construction from one place to another, such as transporting bricks, sand or gravel and others.
Roller brush: It is a roller brush that is attached to a light and long iron hand that ends with a wooden handle, and is used to paint ceilings and walls.

Angle: It is a metal tool in the form of an angle that is used to adjust the angles of intersection of walls, and it comes in several forms according to the type and measurement of the required angle, some of which are acute, some are straight, and some are obtuse.
Tension adjusting thread: It is a long thread used to adjust the straightness of walls.

Measuring tape: It is used to measure long distances that are not available in the regular ruler. The most prominent forms of measuring tape are: the metric tape in a box; Where the measuring tape is located inside a plastic box of 5 m in length, and the longitudinal tape can be used by one person, and a tape measure for long distances; It is a measuring tape made of steel or staple, the use of which requires the presence of two people.

Sieve: A filter-like device, usually made of iron or aluminum, used to sift building materials before mixing them.
Leveling scale (water balance): It is a rectangular device made of aluminum, plastic, wood or iron. Its function is to adjust the straightness of horizontal and vertical walls.

The drill: It is a small electric motor on which a metal quill (of different sizes) is placed. The drill takes a shape resembling a hexagon, and is used for drilling and piercing walls, for installing electrical boxes and extending wires, among others.

كم سعر الطوب الاحمر
سعر متر الحجر الهاشمى فى مصر 2017
حجر هاشمي ابيض

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  brick industry
Geschrieben von: merehan - 10-31-2022, 06:12 PM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

are stones that are cooked by fire and used in construction or covering the main building facade. The brick used for covering and decorating the roofs of houses is one of the most widespread engineering systems in the world. The pottery he used to bring water and preserve food. The bricks are considered to be resistant to moisture, high heat, and soil salinity. The reason for the red color in most types of bricks is due to the use of iron oxide in it, which dyes it red.

brick industry
The brick industry goes through many stages, the most prominent of which are:

bring clay from quarry to factory; This is done by a large truck designated for this, and sometimes the clay is stored in advance, to be used later in the manufacturing process.

clay preparation process; In this stage, the clay is crushed when it enters the factory.

clay grinding process; Where clay is mixed with water, and other materials; Such as (Al-Saqqat), which is an anthracite that helps in the combustion process, and this step improves the cohesion and hardness of the clay.

shaping or cutting stage; In it, the treated clay is placed in an interconnected tape, cut by wire, or placed in molds 'presses' to form the final clay.

drying stage; This is either in the open air, or in a designated shed, or in special drying ovens.

brick burning process; During this final process, bricks are set on fire in kilns; To give it firmness and the final look.

Specifications of the good tile
There are many characteristics that a good tile has, and they are as follows:



Little or no water absorption.
Fixed colors that do not fade or reduce in the different stages of brick making and processing.

Good ceiling specification
Judging a good tile roof, or an ideally tiled canopy, depends on the following criteria:

Distribution of the amount of iron in it according to engineering standards and controls, the iron structure must be able to bear heavy weights, and the iron should be resistant to weather fluctuations.

The consistency of the geometric shape gives the house a beautiful and sophisticated look.

formation of an appropriate slope; It allows rainwater to flow and not to collect between the bricks during the winter.

Preserving heat in the winter, protecting the house from rain, keeping the house cool in summer, and protecting solar tanks from high temperatures.

Noise reduction, and this depends on the method of implementation, the nature of the materials used and their specifications.

Note: The negligence or non-compliance with the engineering rules when doing the installation of the tiles, makes it a source of real danger; Sometimes the fall of the bricks completely or partially causes harm to the lives of the occupants of the house, or passers-by, and damages property.

انواع حجر الواجهات واسعارها
حجر للمنازل والفلل والمساجد بأفضل الأسعار

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  basalt rock uses
Geschrieben von: merehan - 10-29-2022, 03:00 PM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

basalt rock uses
Basalt rocks are natural raw materials that do not pose any harm to the environment, as basalt rocks do not result in any toxic emissions during production and processing processes, which made this stone a basic material used in many different fields, and the following are the uses of basalt rocks Basalt:

Basalt fibers are used in thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation, where electronic glass, R glass, and S glass have been replaced by basalt fibers, because basalt fibers have higher insulation values than different types of glass, and it is worth noting that the diameter of basalt fibers can be controlled, which ensures that no fibers are produced Harmful, basalt fibers are also used to insulate electrical cables and others.

construction work
Basalt is used in many construction works, as it is used to create the bases of roads and sidewalks. It is also a component of concrete mixtures, in addition to its use in; Construction of railways, and as filter stones in sewage projects, in addition to its use in the manufacture of tiles and construction panels for the construction of buildings or monuments.

Basalt is used in the manufacture of a specific fertilizer known as basalt rock dust fertilizer, which is widely used by farmers. This basalt fertilizer promotes the growth of plants, in addition to being used to prevent weeds from spreading in flower beds and other unwanted areas.

Basalt is used in many industries, due to its high tensile strength, as the tensile strength of basalt is greater than the tensile strength of carbon fibers or glass fibres, and therefore molten basalt compounds are used in the manufacture of pipes and rods that are used in the construction of wind turbine blades, and basalt is used in Orthopedic industry.

Basalt is an ideal material for interior decoration, as it is used as panels for walls, countertops and fireplaces. The main reason for using basalt in interior decoration is due to its high thermal insulation ability, which does not have any toxic risks unlike some other organic materials.

The use of basalt is included in the decoration of jewelry, such as; Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pins and cufflinks. It is worth noting that basalt was widely used during the period of the German and Roman Empires in making beautiful vases, jewelry and columns.

Rosetta stone industry
The use of basalt rocks is included in the Rosetta Stone industry, and the Rosetta Stone is known as a witness made of granodiorite, and this stone was discovered in Egypt in 1799 AD. The Rosetta Stone was also used by the ancient Egyptians to write hieroglyphs, which allowed to identify their history.

A memorial is defined as a three-dimensional structure created to commemorate an event or a person. Basalt stone is one of the most important and important materials used in the construction of memorials and other monuments, as it is used in the manufacture of; Statues, historical buildings, cultural assets, and archaeological sites

اشكال حجر مايكا
واجهات حجر مايكا
حجر بازلت

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  Cheap Women’s Casual Blouses
Geschrieben von: MattBurditt1 - 07-06-2022, 06:33 AM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

Cheap Women’s Casual Blouses
It is almost every woman’s desire to have a wardrobe fill of fancy clothes. This may seem like a dream to many, but Berrylook is here to make sure that you have some amazing clothes that will make you shine through the day. Berrylook is a clothing store that is best known for selling all types of women’s wear. Our main aim is to provide you with clothes that fully meet all your requirements. We have all types of women’s wear which include fancy dresses, pretty tops, bottoms, swimwear, outerwear, footwear, accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, and so much more. We believe that we have everything you need to start your day looking fresh and feeling gorgeous. We believe that a lady should always look good regardless of the occasion, and Berrylook is here to ensure that you have just what you need to transform and upgrade your closet.

Tops are some of the most appreciated pieces of clothing amongst women, which is why women tend to own so many tops. Well, if you are looking for fancy, elegant, classy, stylish, pretty, and comfortable tops, then Berrylook has got you covered. We have a huge collection of all types of tops that are designed just for you. We have some amazing women’s casual blouses that are readily available to you in different designs, sizes, and colors. For a casual event, you can wear a printed or multi-colored blouse, a high waist denim pant, sneakers, and a handbag. For a formal occasion, you can wear a solid color blouse, linen fitting pants, heels, jewelry, and a handbag. This means that you can wear any of our clothes to all types of occasions.

We all have those days when we just can seem to find something to wear despite having a closet full of clothes. Well, this maybe an indication that you need a closet change or upgrade. You can access and purchase our cheap women’s clothing online and transform your wardrobe. To ensure that you are never missing out on any of our clothes, we have unbelievable offers that are designed to save you money every time you shop with us. You will enjoy up to 40% OFF on some of our clothes and an extra 5% discount on your first purchase. We also have clearance and flash sales where you will get up to 80% OFF on your purchases. What are you waiting for? All your dream clothes are just a click away. Shop with us today!

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  Retro polo shirts for Men
Geschrieben von: MattBurditt1 - 07-03-2022, 08:39 PM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

Retro polo shirts for Men
Men's polo shirts are critical to a brand's growth and appeal. A new notion is the first thing to consider when purchasing a polo shirt. However, while trying to buy a polo shirt, the brand is equally vital. Maintaining a favorable brand image is critical for a brand to be effective and profitable, hence it is critical to examine a company's products and marketing approach. Here at Soinyou, we will go over everything you need to know before purchasing a polo shirt.

1.   Comfort
The fabric and cut of a shirt determine its comfort. When a shirt is overly tight, the comfortability drops, which is reflected in some people's judgment of the comfortability of their own shirt. The fabric and kind of cloth used also have an impact on shirt comfort. When the cloth is too thin, the level of comfort rises. The comfortability of polo shirts can also be impacted by the demands of the wearer in the specific setting. However, the comfortability of a garment can also be affected by an individual's demands or the external surroundings. In general, a polo shirt's comfortability refers to how easy it may be worn. A polo shirt's comfort is determined by its ease of wear and what the garment can accomplish for the wearer. A polo shirt's comfort is a reflection of its design. A polo shirt with a shirt collar, a button-down type shirt, and a comfy shirt is acceptable.
2.   Quality
It is crucial to note that the quality of men's retro polo shirts varies greatly, and this variety is most likely attributable to the quality of the polo shirt manufacturing process, as well as the usage of different kinds of polos within the same firm. Furthermore, the quality of men's polo shirts is proportional to the sort of polo player. The higher the player's skill level, the higher the quality of the garment.
3.   Style
Polo sleeves for men are typically worn with a sweater or jacket. Typically, the sleeves are longer than on other styles of shirts. Men's polos are more commonly paired with trousers or a button-up shirt. Wearing a polo with jeans or a button-up shirt is more comfortable than wearing a polo with a button-down collar. Furthermore, polo shirts for men were not typically worn with a button-up or button-down collar. They were instead worn with a broad, rolled-up neckline, with the collar pulled down and facing the body. This fashion trend has gained popularity among guys.
Visit us at Soinyou, to get yourself a retro polo shirt at a cheaper price.

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  How to clean glass and mirrors
Geschrieben von: merehan - 07-03-2022, 05:12 PM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

Mirror glass cleaning
Many women feel that cleaning mirrors or windows is a difficult task, and indeed a difficult task if not done in the right way. Before starting to clean the glass, a suitable cleaning solution and tools should be selected, so that the end result is a clean glass without unwanted streaks or traces, and for a clean mirror glass it is recommended:

Remove stains such as toothpaste, cosmetics, and hairspray, as well as dust and dirt, before you start polishing mirrors. A cotton swab dipped in alcohol can be used to get rid of stains, and then a clean cotton swab is used to wipe the alcohol residue off the mirror. Work quickly so the alcohol doesn't dry before wiping it off.

Rub the corners of the mirror with an old toothbrush moistened with alcohol to get rid of the accumulated dirt, and a cotton swab (ear cleaning cotton) can be used to clean narrow corners.

Cover the wooden frame of the mirror with a cloth, so that it is not damaged by the glass cleaning solution. Spray the cleaning solution on the surface of the mirror, being careful not to overdo it, as drying it in this case may require more time and effort.

Wipe the mirror with a soft fiber cloth, a good option is to cut the old clothes, it is ideal to be free of lint, so that the glass can be polished in it without leaving any traces, which is what happens when using. Tissue paper and without leaving streaks on the glass, which is what happens when using newspaper. Using newspaper may leave ink spots on the mirror.

A squeegee (abrasive) can be used when available to efficiently dispose of the cleaning solution, provided that it is used from top to bottom in an S-shaped zigzag pattern, and after completing a section, it is best used to wipe with a cloth to eliminate dripping cleaning solution.

After you have finished cleaning the mirror, it is preferable to move away from the mirror and look at it from different angles. In the event of stains or traces, a little cleaning solution is placed on the cloth and the stain is wiped with it.

How to polish mirrors
It is recommended to polish the mirrors by moving the cloth in the shape of the letter (S) from the top of the mirror towards the bottom, and beware of the following circular movements when cleaning the mirrors, as this will lead to the deposition of dust. And dirt on the cloth on the mirror surface again

Resulting in streaks on it, it is also recommended to replace paper towels or rags with a thin microfiber cloth.

and refrain from spraying water or glass cleaner directly on the surface of the mirror, but rather spray it on the cloth; This is to prevent water or cleaning solution from seeping into the silver layer of the mirrors and causing black spots to appear on them.

فرش البيت موكيت
بيوت لتنظيف المكيفات
شباك خشب

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  The most important mobile applications
Geschrieben von: merehan - 06-26-2022, 01:05 AM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

The most important Android mobile applications
Here are some of the important applications for Android phones:
Adobe applications: Various Adobe applications can be downloaded on phones running the Android operating system, through the Google Play application store, and there are many useful applications affiliated with Adobe, including the following:
Adobe Acrobat for reading PDF files.
Photo Express is a photo editing app.
Illustrator Draw is a drawing and scanning app.
Premiere Clip is a video editing app.

[Bild: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQAs72dUdAZ3ftdHdZjlM2...g&usqp=CAU]

AirDroid application: AirDroid is one of the useful applications for phones running the Android operating system; This application allows its users to connect the phone with the user’s computer, and manage many of the phone’s matters via the computer, through the ability to see the phone’s notifications via the computer, or file sharing, and other features, and this application is compatible to work on many operating systems Different systems such as Windows and Mac systems.

Google applications: Google applications are important and useful applications for Android phones, and these applications have different types; Such as the Google Assistant application, the Google Search application, the Google Translate application, and the Google Drive application.

The most important iPhone mobile applications
Google Map application: It is the perfect application for the topic of maps, destinations and navigation, and it is worth noting that the CEO of Apple has recommended using this application on iPhone phones.
Buffer application: Buffer application is one of the important applications for iPhone phones, which allows the user to manage many different social networking sites; As specifying a specific time for publication through these sites.

Fooducate application: Fooducate application is one of the applications that allows the user to view the nutritional value of a particular product, by reading the barcode of that product.
Dropbox is an online cloud storage application that allows the user to save and access his files through different devices.

How to download apps on mobile
Open the Play Store app store on the user's phone.
Search through the store for the application you want to download on the device.
Choose the application from the list of results shown on the screen.
Click on the INSTALL button.
Click on the OPEN option.

تطبيقات الجوال
برمجة المواقع
تصميم فيديو موشن جرافيك

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  How to turn off ads
Geschrieben von: merehan - 06-24-2022, 10:20 PM - Forum: MaxCash24 - Keine Antworten

The world no longer depends on traditional trade only; this has extended to include e-commerce or the so-called E-Marketing, and the e-marketing process is defined as those commercial operations from buying and selling via the World Wide Web, which came to shorten the time and distances to make the world like a small village through this web.

When we enter websites, we often see ads for some sites for buying and selling, such as clothes, electronics, household items and all the necessities of everyday life, but in fact it has become annoying for the person browsing the sites, as these ads are a source of inconvenience, whether on the computer screen or smartphone, so the user loses the pleasure of browsing and the desire to continue, so the user resorts to searching for Ways to get rid of these ads and turn them off so that he can watch the screen without any interruptions from these ads.

[Bild: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQa7ZizGighYU7n0Y1S0df...Q&usqp=CAU]

How to turn off ads
In order to get rid of annoying ads via the browser and Android and stop them completely, you have to follow a set of steps, explained by nordah below:

Via the browser
Start by downloading the Ad Block Plus or Ad Block application to the browser such as Firefox or Chrome, and you can use it in smartphones such as Android and opera.
Wait until the application is finished downloading.
Click on the Ad Block icon that appears in front of you after the installation process is successfully completed.

Choose the general option after it takes you to the settings page, and make sure that the add item to list button is activated.
Go to the' filter lists ' by clicking on them.
The automatic ad blocking process started as soon as you clicked on it and subscribed to it.
Tap on the update option now.
Add the addresses you visit frequently URL to the custom filter lists so that the program can prevent ads from appearing and popping up again.

Via Android
In order to be able to enjoy browsing through your smart device and using applications with ease and comfort, you must first get rid of pop-up ads, by doing the following:
Start downloading the Adway application by accessing the website : www.tomsguid.com
Enter the application page after completing the installation.
Choose Upload Files and apply ad blocking download File and Apply ad blocking.

Choose yes when you receive an ad blocking confirmation message, the device will restart automatically.
You will see the page of the application that tells you that ad blocking has been enabled on the Android device.
To unblock disabled ads, by clicking on disable ad blocking Disable ad blocking.

ال فريد
إعلانات google

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