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Protect all your accounts with two-factor authentication. - kafa88 - 02-28-2022

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Online security has never been more important. And if you think keeping all your accounts safe is a huge challenge. Show that you are definitely not alone.But even if you feel comfortable with your password And you can come up with different passwords for every account. which is the least impressive feat. But there are simple steps. that you can do to add an extra layer of protection to your data. One of the most effective methods is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) in all your apps and services.

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How does two-factor authentication work?

"Two" is the key in 2FA, meaning that if someone wants to log into one of your accounts. They only need two bits of information. The password counts as one. but not enough Besides what you know—your password—requires two-factor authentication. “What You Have” This could be the code.

You can use a token (sent to your phone via text message or from a code generator app) or a token that you carry with you, such as a USB security key. It's complicated to check your email every day. Know that 2FA can only be set up to fire when you access your account from a new device.

You can identify your laptop and phone as “Trusted devices” so you don't have to constantly search for codes or wait for messages when you log in from there. This can be comfortable But it's also a good reason to protect your personal device with a strong PIN, password, and biometrics.