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Apple Maps EV Routing Finally Arrived at the Ford Mach-E . - kafa88 - 03-22-2022

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Ford Mach-E owners seem to have another option to plan their route soon:

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Apple Maps' long-awaited EV routing (via 9to5Mac). It is said to be coming to BMW and Ford vehicles running iOS 14, but most have been silent about it since then, according to the Apple Maps site, the feature will evaluate. "Compatible charge levels, elevations and charge stops along your journey"

The page was posted to Ford's website, but it appears to have been removed now. (You can view the archived version here.) It says Mach-E owners with select 2022 or '21 models will be able to access route planning while using CarPlay (although it says it hopes that they'll be able to use CarPlay).

(It will be applied to all Mach-E drivers by the end of this year.) After it's activated, Ford says the screen will show how much battery the car will have left when you get to your destination.
I hope Ford shows this feature for longer drives. It's possible the Mach-E could be the first car to feature this. This means that it will have to wait quite a long time between

the announcement and launch. when searching the internet There have been no definitive reports that the feature has made its way to various BMW models, i3 owners look pretty sure they won't get it, and i4 buyers look pretty sure they will. Even if the car is scheduled that will start shipping this month according to BMW (I'm sure now that I've said I'll hear from a lot of people saying they've been using it for a year now.)