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Getting rid of household insects - merehan - 05-20-2022

Use of organic materials
Organic materials are known as non-chemical substances in general, and this includes the use of natural home-made recipes of garlic, pepper, onions, soap, salt and others, and the use of materials such as barley water to get rid of slugs, wood ants, worms, rodents, and other insects, Organic matter is also somewhat effective in small areas such as home gardens, where insect populations are relatively low; They are rarely feasible or effective over a larger area

Use fresh herbs
Fresh herbs can be used to reduce the appearance and nesting of insects near the house. Examples of herbs that can be used are: rosemary, mint; Where it is preferable to hang a bouquet of these herbs near the places where insects live, such as bees and others.

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Use of candles and lanterns
Some types of lanterns can be used that are hung in the yard, which repel mosquitoes, and long-term candles that contain geraniol can be used, which is highly effective in repelling mosquitoes.

Use of natural oils
Many oils are used to kill insects or expel them from the home, as these oils can be a good and safe way, and these oils include tea tree oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil, all of which contain insect repellent properties, and they are safe for humans, and they are used by By placing approximately 6-10 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle, adding about 57 grams of water, and 57 grams of white vinegar to it, then spraying the mixture around the windows and in the kitchen.

Biological control
Biological control is defined as the process of introducing predators, parasites, or diseases to control harmful insect species; Partial or total control of about 120 different insects in different parts of the world was carried out using this method, in addition to the dependence of farmers in many areas on microbial insecticides such as: 'Bacillus Thuringiensis', which is effective against a few types of caterpillars.

chemical control
There are thousands of chemical pesticides used today in homes, offices, stores, farms and other places, but they are dangerous; Because it pollutes the land, air, food, and water, and sometimes it is very dangerous to the people who use it, and to other surrounding organisms as well, and it must be taken into account to read the label on the insecticide, and avoid contaminating food, drink, utensils, etc.

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