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design elements - merehan - 05-20-2022

the design
Design is the collection of some components, their preparation and the necessary work for them, such as processing, measuring, modifying and adding an element of innovation and beauty to them, to come up with a new and distinctive product or thing that performs its function effectively, and meets the purpose of its design.

Design is used in several fields, such as engineering designs, artistic and graphic designs, home and office decoration designs, in addition to the necessary design that is needed to make some industrial products and devices.

And many other fields, and the benefit of the correct design comes in obtaining a well-made product, which has distinctive aesthetic or functional advantages.

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design elements
Design elements are among the things that must be studied and taken into consideration when designing anything we want, such as a painting, a chart, or others.

The space is also part of the design elements, which includes the following: Point: is the beginning of drawing any shape or line, and it is an important element of the design. The point is determined using a pen or any other tool such as a compass or other on the surface of the paper or the material on which the design is being made.

The point is used for marking and connecting between them, or for other purposes. There are several point sizes and dimensions that vary depending on the purpose of their use. Line: It is the line connecting two points with a space between them.

There are several types of lines, the horizontal line indicates rapid movement, and if it is wavy, it indicates slow or smooth movement, and the vertical line indicates vertical movement, while the curved line indicates circular movement, and is used to express circles or convert them into a spherical shape, for example.

The broken line also indicates force, violence, or a sudden movement. Shape: It is a grouping of several lines and connecting them from their edges to each other in a certain way, so that we get a different shape each time.

Geometric shapes: They are shapes that have specific measurements, dimensions, and angles between their lines, such as square, triangle, and others. Irregular shapes: They are shapes that resulted from the confluence of curved and straight lines, and these shapes usually suggest movement.

Automatic shapes: the shapes that result from adding some colors automatically, or the slipping of some of them, for example. Organic shapes: the shapes that arise from curved lines in the form of circular lines.

Color: Colors are characterized by their ability to add a noticeable change to shapes, making them more clear and beautiful. Emptiness: The empty areas surrounding the design, where attention must be paid and an appropriate background for the design.

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