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Wall insulation methods - merehan - 05-20-2022

Many residential buildings, especially those built with the apartment system, are exposed to the problem of the spread of moisture and moths, rain water seeps into the building and the walls are exposed to cracks, flats and paint damage, or to water leakage under the walls as a result of poor construction and poor home finishing and wall insulation for commercial purposes or poor materials used In construction, which weakens the structure of the house, and exposes its residents to many health problems such as shortness of breath, asthma attacks, orthopedic diseases in general, and many other problems.

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External wall insulation
If the building is built in an area that is not densely populated, and is not surrounded by many buildings, it is sprayed with tools and pumps special for asphalt, and the building is clad with stone or bricks, where the asphalt layer forms an external insulator from the effect of moisture and rain problems, and high heat leakage into the building.
If the building is adjacent to several neighboring buildings, the walls are insulated in a special way by using rock wool to fill the spaces in the wall, then the wool is pressed and pressed well to form a strong insulating layer.

Thermal insulation of walls
Putting insulating strips in several stages, where the inner wall must be built with a thickness of between 20 to 25 centimeters, with a thermally insulated block, but attention must be paid to sealing the joints, if any, between the blocks so as not to allow heat to escape internally.
Putting polystyrene plates with specific sizes, with the inner wall being 30 centimeters thick, and the block used for insulation being 10 centimeters thick. The polystyrene plates can be replaced with rock wool.
Laying insulating blocks of polystyrene sheets or rock wool with a thickness of 5 centimeters, provided that the wall is built with a thickness of 35 centimeters, and the inner and outer walls are of the same size 15 centimeters for each wall.

Thermal external insulation
It is done by placing a number of insulating layers before the final finishing stage, and this method is considered effective and one of the best and most successful methods, and it is called thermal softening, and one of its characteristics is that it is economically inexpensive, suitable for modern and old buildings, and its results are effective in the long run, and some use special components that are placed Before painting the walls to strengthen the wall insulation, the strength of the wall is enhanced both inside and outside.

light foam concrete
Insulation is done in this way by mixing concrete components, which form a mixture similar to foamed foam, which are components of cement, sand, and chemicals that provide concrete with high porosity and lightness. Ordinary cement concrete.

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