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Methods of insulating interior walls - merehan - 11-02-2022

Methods of insulating interior walls
There are several ways to insulate interior walls in homes, including:

The use of solid insulation boards: Where a board made of gypsum is installed and reinforced with a solid insulation material inside the wall, and the insulation material is made of several forms of foam plastic, and its thickness is at least 60 mm, and it may reach 100 mm, and the thickness depends on the type of material These panels are used, and these panels are fixed using adhesive or gypsum strips, and to prevent air leakage, the panels’ frames and the joints between the panels are additionally installed.

Using a transverse wall: A wall made of metal or wood is installed on the original wall, and the space is filled with rock wool panels, and then a gypsum board is placed, and this method is less effective than the previous method, and for this the thickness of the insulating material must be at least 120 mm To obtain a higher insulation efficiency, sheets of solid insulation can be used instead of gypsum boards to cover the frames.

Insulation of the concrete block: where the concrete block is used to build the walls and foundations of the house, and if its hollow is not filled with concrete with steel for structural reasons, it is filled with insulating materials, but this method saves only a little of the fuel used in the house, and for a greater benefit, the insulation should be installed on The surface where it is most effective.
Insulation blankets: This method is the most common, where the insulation material comes in the form of blankets, or rolls of flexible fibers and fiberglass, and it can be made of mineral wool, natural fibers, and plastic, and it should be noted that they are available in dimensions that fit the wall, and it is possible Cut it by hand.

The use of loose insulation: where the insulation in this method consists of particles of fibers or foam and others that contain cellulose, and minerals, such as rocks, slag, and fiberglass, and these particles agree with any space without affecting the structure or the final shape, and are used in places that are difficult to Use other methods in it.

Spraying the foam in the isolation area: in this method, liquid foam insulation materials are sprayed in the place to be isolated, or injected and poured, and this method is used for walls, high surfaces and under floors, and it should be noted that it works to limit air leakage and fills all cavities.

Insulated structural panels: They are pre-insulated structural panels used in construction, and are considered one of the most effective methods; This is because it saves 12-14% of energy when installed correctly, and these panels are produced in several dimensions and sizes, and the quality of manufacturing these panels is very important in terms of performance and product life 

internal insulation problems
There are a number of problems caused by internal insulation, including: 

Reduce the space: the area of the room becomes a little smaller, as the decrease in space is usually not noticed except in cases of already small rooms.
The risk of steam condensation on the walls when the insulation is poorly applied, as the internal insulation is applied to the wall; That is why it is necessary to make sure that it is firmly fixed to the wall, in order to prevent the formation of water vapor on the back of the insulation and the formation of moisture.
The cost of insulating the walls is high.

The importance of insulating interior walls
Half the amount of energy we use to cool or heat homes can leak in the absence of insulation, and it is necessary to point out the importance of insulation as it helps to:

Save money, by reducing dependence on cooling and heating systems.
Reducing energy use, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Increase comfort at home.
Sound insulation, where some types of insulation are also soundproofing.

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