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private international law
private international law
It is a type of international law, which aims to implement international law specific to states, and some legal scholars see it as: a branch of legal branches that contain a set of topics and legislative provisions.

Among its definitions, it is also: a set of legal texts that aim to regulate dealings between local individuals and foreigners, in the sense of determining how the law is applied to the citizens of the country, and to individuals who come to it from other countries.

The emergence of the term private international law dates back to 1834 AD, and it was first applied in the Netherlands, as a method of legal means that works to settle legal disputes between individuals based on the countries to which they belong. This law spread in France after the French Revolution; Because of the increased travel of foreign individuals to it after the emergence of the new French state, in order to help organize all areas of their lives from work, housing, education, and others.

Characteristics of private international law
Private international law has several characteristics that have been established by legal scholars, namely:

It differs from the law of the state, which is known as (national law).
The law is binding on its application in the settlement of some judicial disputes.
Some of its legal branches are considered new.
This law is applied like all other laws, depending on the judicial courts.
Each country in the world has the right to determine the legal texts that will be used in its own international law, so there is no special international law for all countries of the world.
Topics of private international law
There is a group of topics that private international law is interested in addressing, including:

It is a set of rules and legal attributes that bind a person to his state, and each member of the state is known as (citizen), since every citizen has taken the state in which he lives as a place to settle.

It is a set of legal rules that define the rights and duties of individuals who do not hold the nationality of the country in which they live, and they are called (foreigners), because they are not civilly linked with the legislation of the country, and each foreign individual is granted special permits by the responsible authorities, In order to obtain their rights to residency, work, and education, they must, in return, carry out all their duties, just like citizens within the state.

conflict of laws
It is a set of laws that together differ on the application of legal legislation to foreigners, and each branch, or legal aspect, claims that it is more entitled than others to apply the law to foreign individuals, and the role of private international law comes, as it aims to bring legal texts between these laws, and apply the appropriate ones , which complies with the law of each country.

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