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Laser pointers are loved by astronomers and scientists
Laser pointers aren’t only used by astronomy enthusiasts and scientific hobbyists to light matches and pop balloons. There are some real-world applications where handheld lasers have become indispensable to day-to-day work. These include hands-on jobs like landscaping crews, construction companies, arborists tree experts, warehouse managers, and many more. Here we’ll look at some of the most popular everyday uses for high powered laser today.
Lasers are not toys
With the countless Youtube videos of laser enthusiasts lighting matches and cutting electrical tape; it’s no mystery many people think of a blue laser as a toy to be used for visual experiments and showing off to your friends. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lasers with a solid beam of light are incredibly useful for a wide range of different applications. Think about it from the perspective of an arborist landscape company manager.
[Bild: 15143541690.jpg]
You have a tree line that is starting to encroach on the road and some branches are getting dangerously close to local power lines. As a property manager, you’re not looking to cut down trees, but it’s very hard to send crew members up on ladders and point upwards with your index finger at the specific limbs you want to be cut down. Enter the green laser pointer.
[Bild: 14512960731.jpg]
Using a green laser pointer as a light pointing tool, you pinpoint the specific branches and limbs you want your team to cut off entirely or trim back to a safe distance. With a laser in hand, you can point to specific limbs, branches, and even leaves you want to be removed. Your team can clearly see what you are pointing at so there is no confusion on what should or should not be cut down. This way your arborist team isn’t wasting time trying to find the limbs you want cut, and also isn’t doing too much or too little. The guesswork has been removed.
[Bild: 14471523261.jpg]
Astronomy & Star Gazing – lasers make the ideal teaching or visual aid whenever looking towards the stars. Pinpoint particular constellations or bodies in the cosmos, great for astronomy enthusiasts and professors alike (or campers who love to impress when telling stories of the ancient gods in the sky).
This is a short list only and how you may use your 3w laser pointer may vary. Remember that anywhere a solid beam of light is required as a pointing device, lasers are ideal.

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