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Best Travel Destinations
travel destinations
The continents are full of distinctive countries and cities that contain valuable archaeological, touristic, historical and religious places. In this article, we will talk about some of the countries and cities that are considered one of the best travel destinations for 2016.

Best travel destinations in Europe
Venice is considered one of the best travel destinations in the continent of Europe, and it is one of the Italian cities. It was named in the past after the Queen of the Adriatic Sea. Today, it is called the City of Lovers. Its land area is 412 km2, and it is geographically located in the Veneto region in the province of Venice in the State of Italy. The city overlooks The Adriatic Sea, and is divided administratively into six provinces.

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Among the historical, archaeological and touristic places in the city are: Palazzo d'Acala, located next to the Church of San Marco, San Marco Square, Rialto Bridge, Burano Islands, Hotel Stores, Church of Santa Maria Claus in Ferrari, Scalzi Bridge, the bells of San Marco Church, the Church of San Marco covered with mosaic, and the headquarters National University, Portal Karta.

Best travel destinations in Asia
The island of Langkawi is one of the best travel destinations in Asia. It is an island of ninety-nine islands and five additional islands. It is geographically located off the Malaysian coast in the northwest, and the island is considered one of the most important tourist places for many tourists. Among the tourist places on the island: natural waterfalls, crocodile park, cable cars, Langkawi Sky Bridge, the capital Kuah, the undersea world, and the free zone.

Best travel destinations in Africa
The city of Rabat is one of the best travel destinations to the continent of Africa, and it is one of the cities of the Kingdom of Morocco. The city is geographically located on the Atlantic coast and on the left bank of the mouth of the Bouregreg River. Its land area is 118 km², and its population is more than one and a half million people. The city in the textile industry.

Among the most important tourist, historical and archaeological sites in the city are: Bab Kasbah of the Udayas, Al-Shalleh, Hassan Tower, the Almohad wall, the Dar Al-Sultan Grotto, Al-Rawazi Skhirat, the Church of St. Bear, and the Sunna Mosque.

The best travel destinations in South America
Tikal is one of the best travel destinations for South America; Where it is considered one of the important archaeological cities of the Mayan civilization in Guatemala, geographically located in the northern part of Petén province, and the remaining archaeological sites in it date from the beginning of the third century to the end of the ninth century. The city prospered in the year 700 AD, and it also became the first important trading point in a network with Teotihuacan, and after the year 800 AD the city declined and its residents migrated and also their art began to decline.

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