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How to turn off ads
The world no longer depends on traditional trade only; this has extended to include e-commerce or the so-called E-Marketing, and the e-marketing process is defined as those commercial operations from buying and selling via the World Wide Web, which came to shorten the time and distances to make the world like a small village through this web.

When we enter websites, we often see ads for some sites for buying and selling, such as clothes, electronics, household items and all the necessities of everyday life, but in fact it has become annoying for the person browsing the sites, as these ads are a source of inconvenience, whether on the computer screen or smartphone, so the user loses the pleasure of browsing and the desire to continue, so the user resorts to searching for Ways to get rid of these ads and turn them off so that he can watch the screen without any interruptions from these ads.

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How to turn off ads
In order to get rid of annoying ads via the browser and Android and stop them completely, you have to follow a set of steps, explained by nordah below:

Via the browser
Start by downloading the Ad Block Plus or Ad Block application to the browser such as Firefox or Chrome, and you can use it in smartphones such as Android and opera.
Wait until the application is finished downloading.
Click on the Ad Block icon that appears in front of you after the installation process is successfully completed.

Choose the general option after it takes you to the settings page, and make sure that the add item to list button is activated.
Go to the' filter lists ' by clicking on them.
The automatic ad blocking process started as soon as you clicked on it and subscribed to it.
Tap on the update option now.
Add the addresses you visit frequently URL to the custom filter lists so that the program can prevent ads from appearing and popping up again.

Via Android
In order to be able to enjoy browsing through your smart device and using applications with ease and comfort, you must first get rid of pop-up ads, by doing the following:
Start downloading the Adway application by accessing the website :
Enter the application page after completing the installation.
Choose Upload Files and apply ad blocking download File and Apply ad blocking.

Choose yes when you receive an ad blocking confirmation message, the device will restart automatically.
You will see the page of the application that tells you that ad blocking has been enabled on the Android device.
To unblock disabled ads, by clicking on disable ad blocking Disable ad blocking.

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