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Construction tools
Construction tools
The construction process has an important role in the urbanization and renaissance of cities, and the development of industrial life in them, and it needs specific tools to do this task; Construction tools are tools and equipment that are used to build bridges and various structures; Such as homes, hotels, educational places, animal pens, wheat silos, factories, and others.

The importance of construction tools
The selection of construction tools appropriate in terms of size and type has an important and effective role; It contributes to influencing the productivity of the project, the effort expended and the required time, and it is also necessary to enable the observer to exercise his powers, and to know the powers of the contractor at each stage and the extent of his impact on the project, and whether the contractor's work conforms to the required specifications, in addition to his role in helping the observer to understanding the problem and how to solve it; Construction tools are very important for a project manager or construction planner; The manager must be familiar with the tools used in construction

hand building tools
Axe: A tool used for digging foundations and mixing and stirring raw materials.
Crick: It is a tool that consists of a long wooden stick, connected from the bottom with a piece of iron, wide and flat, used in mixing concrete materials, lifting dust and transporting materials during the excavation process.
Al-Far``: It is an ax-like tool consisting of a long metal or wooden stick connected from the bottom with a piece of iron.

Al-Banawi (hammer): a tool consisting of a pointed metal head connected to a short iron hand that ends with a wooden handle, and is used in the process of breaking bricks and packing the shape of the stone.

The ruler (the spoon): It is a flat and small piece of iron connected to a small iron handle, which ends with a wooden hand. The rulers are used to spread the concrete mixture between the bricks during construction, and to plaster and smooth the walls, and to put white putty on the walls before doing the painting, as is the case with It is sometimes used to break bricks. There are two types of rulers:
Round or oval trowels: They are the trowels that are used in laying mortar materials (concrete).

Square rulers: These are the rulers that are used for cleaning.
Embryo (chisel): It is a solid rod that is flattened on one end and sharp on the other end, used to make holes in the walls to install the scaffolds by striking them with the chisel.
Al-Qarwana: It is a steel container used to transport the mortar to the construction site.

Bucket: It is a bucket made of iron or copper, used to raise water and transport it from one place to another.
The cart: It is a deep bowl, installed on a solid structure connected to two long handles with one wheel, and the cart is used to transport special materials in construction from one place to another, such as transporting bricks, sand or gravel and others.
Roller brush: It is a roller brush that is attached to a light and long iron hand that ends with a wooden handle, and is used to paint ceilings and walls.

Angle: It is a metal tool in the form of an angle that is used to adjust the angles of intersection of walls, and it comes in several forms according to the type and measurement of the required angle, some of which are acute, some are straight, and some are obtuse.
Tension adjusting thread: It is a long thread used to adjust the straightness of walls.

Measuring tape: It is used to measure long distances that are not available in the regular ruler. The most prominent forms of measuring tape are: the metric tape in a box; Where the measuring tape is located inside a plastic box of 5 m in length, and the longitudinal tape can be used by one person, and a tape measure for long distances; It is a measuring tape made of steel or staple, the use of which requires the presence of two people.

Sieve: A filter-like device, usually made of iron or aluminum, used to sift building materials before mixing them.
Leveling scale (water balance): It is a rectangular device made of aluminum, plastic, wood or iron. Its function is to adjust the straightness of horizontal and vertical walls.

The drill: It is a small electric motor on which a metal quill (of different sizes) is placed. The drill takes a shape resembling a hexagon, and is used for drilling and piercing walls, for installing electrical boxes and extending wires, among others.

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