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How to get rid of nervous stress
Pressure nervous
A state in which everySne falls to varying degrees, leading to pessimism and a state of unjustified fear and suspicion, accompanied by severe tension and psychological anxiety. For dryness, facial pallor, and sweating, to solve this big and annoying problem for some, it is necessary to know the symptoms that cause psychological pressure and the possible ways to avoid and treat these symptoms.

Symptoms of nervous stress
Acute and severe terror, the person enters a state of stillness and the inability to move himself and possibly his limbs, then he enters into a stage of intense sweating and general trembling in the muscles and body, and usually the person suffers from these symptoms in time of wars or natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and floods.

Inability to focus and forgetting many obvious things, such as the name or the location in which he lives, with extreme tension and sudden nervous outbursts.
Acute fear and intense anxiety, which is a state of intense fear and panic accompanied by a state of terror and anxiety. These symptoms lead to rapid breathing and bouts of screaming and crying.

Loss of appetite, weight, insomnia and stress, and these conditions appear after a great effort without rest or with severe physical pain.

Ways to get rid of nervous stress
Transforming any negative feelings into positive ones, for example if you feel stressed, we try to help others.
Getting rid of feelings of hatred, hatred, and a sense of unjustified competition with others, as these feelings and feelings lead to anger and excitement.

Doing breathing exercises, as these exercises are one of the wonderful and quick solutions to get rid of tension and nervousness. The best thing that can be done when falling into a problem and nervous pressure is for a person to take a deep breath and exhale it at once for several times.

Self-confidence and getting rid of feelings of inadequacy and unjustified fear, and this greatly helps to get rid of stress and anger in the event that there are some mistakes.

Laughing and smiling when there are stressors. The best possible way to transform the negative energy that occurs due to nervousness into positive, useful energy is to laugh, but within certain limits, while avoiding mocking others.

Focusing on solving the problem, and this reduces the negative thoughts that we may think of, and finding possible and optimal solutions to solve problems, which keeps us away from stress and anxiety.

Use tools that help relieve stress, such as stress balls.
Exercising regularly, as exercise relieves nervousness and intensity, and increases the efficiency of blood circulation

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