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How to use insecticides at home
How to use insecticides at home
The use of pesticides at home is one of the things that must be dealt with carefully, and the following are clarifications and tips on how to use these pesticides at home:

Cover all surfaces and utensils before spraying, such as food preparation utensils, and wash them thoroughly before use. Exposed food must be covered or permanently removed.
Adhere to the instructions written on the insecticide in terms of how and what to use.

Use a low pressure sprayer (25 psi or less).
Do not spray the interior surfaces of houses or spray randomly in the air, but rather spray on areas where insects hide, with a focus on cracks and gaps in the walls, if any.

Types of insecticides according to the types of pests they kill
There are several types of insecticides, depending on the types that kill them, including the following:

Insecticides, used to kill insects.
Herbicides, which are used on plants.
Rodenticides, and they are used for rats and mice.
Bactericides to eliminate bacteria.
Fungicides, used to eliminate fungi.
Larvicides, used for caterpillars.

Types of pesticides according to their constituent substances
Insecticides are divided according to the materials they are made of into several categories, including the following:

Chemical pesticides
There are several types of chemical pesticides, including:

Organophosphate pesticides
These herbicides are considered the most powerful insecticides, as they affect the nervous system by disabling the enzyme that regulates the neurotransmitter.

Carbamate pesticides
They act like organophosphate pesticides, affecting the nervous system by disrupting the enzyme that regulates neurotransmitters, but their effect is often reversible.

Organochlorine pesticides
These pesticides were commonly used, but were removed from the market due to their side effects on health and the environment, such as DDT, chlordane, and toxaphene.

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