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Name the FIFA World Cup
The current year's cup is called the FIFA World Cup Trophy, and it was called several names before adopting this name. As it was named when it was awarded for the first time in 1930 AD, the Victory Cup (in English: Victory), and this name remained in place until 1946 AD; It is the year in which its name changed to become the Jules Rimet Cup in relation to the name of FIFA President Jules Rimet, who is considered the spiritual father of the tournament and the owner of the idea of establishing it.

This cup was made of silver, plated with gold, and had a base made of lapis lazuli. Which is considered the goddess of victory for Greece, and in 1974 AD the name of the Jules Rimet Cup was changed to become the FIFA Cup for the World Cup, and this name has remained approved for it until this time.

The owner of the idea of inventing the World Cup
French sports activist Jules Rimet is considered the owner of the idea of inventing the FIFA World Cup. After Rimeh had the credit for organizing the first national football league in France in 1910 AD, and then establishing the French Football Association in the year 1919 AD, and after he reached the position of a member of the National Football Association and during the 1920 Olympic Games, he put forward the first idea to establish an international football tournament across the world; Where he saw that the International Federation of Football Associations became able to organize international tournaments of their own, which was not expected by any of the seven federations that founded FIFA in the year 1904 AD.

After his tireless efforts, Rimet was able to nominate a special committee from the FIFA organization concerned with studying the possibility of holding a world championship in football in 1926 AD, and at its meeting held in the year 1928 AD in Amsterdam, the FIFA organization voted by a majority of its members to hold a world championship for football once every four years, and in the following year it was agreed that the first tournament would be held in the year 1930 AD in the state of Uruguay; Which was the Olympic soccer champion over the years 1924 AD to 1928 AD, and Uruguay had made an offer to pay all travel and accommodation costs for the teams that will compete for this world championship.

Some facts about the World Cup
The following shows some facts about the FIFA World Cup; Which deals with many of the events that the cup has gone through since the establishment of the tournament to this day:

The height of the first championship trophy was 35 cm, and its weight was 3.8 kg.
Brazil retained the cup after winning it for the third time in 1970.
The Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga was commissioned to design a new trophy for the tournament instead of the one that was delivered to Brazil. The Italian artist made a new trophy 36.5 cm high and 6.2 kg in weight, made entirely of 18 carat gold.

A copy of the Jules Rimet Cup was stolen in 1983, which was kept by the Brazilian Football Confederation as a result of Brazil winning the championship three times. The cup finally disappeared and was never recovered, and then a Brazilian company presented a copy similar to the Brazilian Football Confederation as a substitute for the one that was stolen. .

FIFA decided that the World Cup would be used in all editions of the tournament in perpetuity; That is, the team that achieves the championship three times will not be able to keep the original cup; They will be given a replica cup made of silver and only plated with gold.

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