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How do I clean carpets and rugs
How do I clean carpets and rugs
Cleaning carpets and rugs is one of the difficult things that women resort to from time to time, and the reason for this is because carpets and rugs are always exposed to dirt, resulting from many things, the most important of which is walking on them with shoes, or getting out of the bathroom and wiping feet with them.

Read in the problem, no one prefers to wash it; Because it often exhausts the body greatly, it also affects the body, and gets tired in the way of washing, soaking and lifting as well, and here we have found some solutions that can help or alleviate the fatigue that every woman feels, and the Most important of these methods are the following:

Soak it long enough in the bathtub
This method does not work with large-sized carpets, and you must use other methods to wash large carpets, and in this step we are talking about washing small carpets that are present in the corridors of the house, which is what is easy to soak with water and detergents.

To get later a great way to clean the carpet completely, and you must rub it a little or leave it soaking, but you must change the water on it periodically until you get the required cleanliness

Flatten it and rub it on the roof of the house
This is what helps in obtaining the required cleanness one hundred percent. Exposing the carpet to strong washing makes it very clean, and the large area helps you reach the stage of cleanliness you want, you just have to move the carpets and rugs to the surface of the house, wash it as you want, and then raise it On the fence to get proper ventilation.

Send it to a specialized laundromat
If you suffer from dirty carpets or rugs, and you do not have enough ability to clean the carpets, you only have to move them to the places designated for washing, as they wash them for you, dry them, and return them completely clean, which is a guaranteed method, but it is not the same cleanliness that can be women get it at home; Because she works on it with all her strength to get the result you want.

Scrub the dirty place to clean
I can pour a little of the detergent I have, and I do not need to rub it, especially if the stain is new, and then leave it for a short period, and no one should pass it, and then bring a towel and wipe it to find that the stain has completely disappeared.

Use strong detergents such as chlorine
Fire water is one of the most prominent detergents that should be used to clean carpets and rugs, although this method is not favored by many; As these cleaners may discolor the carpet or completely dissolve the fabric in the carpet

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