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How to wash baby clothes
Adjust the temperature while washing
Determining the temperature used in the washing machine is the first step in washing children's clothes, as most washing machines have three to four temperature settings, which are hot, warm, cold, and very cold. White color; to kill the germs on it, and the warm temperature is also used to wash dark-colored clothes; To preserve its color, cold temperatures are used for clothes made of delicate fabric, and cold and very cold temperatures are used in the rinsing cycles for each load of laundry.

Choose the right laundry detergent
Most parents wash their children's clothes using regular laundry detergents, as the American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that using this type of detergent is safe if the child does not suffer from any kind of allergy, as children's laundry detergents do not remove stains with high efficiency, so it is recommended Using normal laundry detergents, but taking into account the use of types that do not contain moisturizing chemicals, added colors, or strong scents.

Remove stains
It is preferable to wash the stains from children’s clothes as soon as they occur to keep them clean, as the stains resulting from infant formula or colored foods often leave traces that are difficult to remove when not treated early. It is also recommended to try to remove them before putting the clothes in the washing machine. It is also preferable to use a special paste before cleaning. And leave it on the clothes for a week when the stains remain on the clothes for a period of time, and spray products or products for removing stains can be used by adding them to the laundry, or soaking the clothes that contain stains with warm water and detergents before placing them in the washing machine.

Drying clothes in the sun
Exposing children's clothes to direct sunlight for an hour or two helps remove stains from them and make them less visible. This method is considered effective in bleaching clothes and removing milk stains from them. It is preferable to spread clothes that contain stains flat in the sun, so that the stain can get larger. amount of sunlight, and it is advised to avoid spreading children's clothing with thin tissues under the sun's rays; Because this causes damage to it, and it can also cause fading of some fabric colors, so it is recommended to cover parts that are far from the spot when spreading it.

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