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The best way to insulate roofs
concrete surfaces
Concrete is a material that consists of cement, water, sand and gravel, and it is the basic layer that is placed and used in construction, especially external surfaces. There is no doubt that homes or facilities are exposed to heat and rainwater, and it is one of the most weather factors that affect concrete surfaces, and that is why many people resort to using There are some ways to isolate these surfaces to avoid water seeping into the internal concrete parts, which causes moisture, and then the appearance of mold on the ceiling from the inside, as well as to avoid extreme cold and heat during the winter and summer seasons.

Heat insulation of surfaces
There is no doubt that the concrete material absorbs heat, so there are many materials that have been manufactured to be used in thermal insulation, and these materials are frequently used:

Rock wool: It is either in the form of panels that are attached to the surface, or through mosaic tiles that contain a large proportion of rock wool, and the other method is rolls of raw rock wool that are spread over the entire surface area and then a concrete layer is poured over it.

Perlite: It is a multifaceted and costly mineral material, and it is one of the materials used for thermal insulation, as this material is individualized on the surface by special methods, or it is placed with concrete, where this material works to reflect heat, and it also acts as an insulating material. for sound.

Insulate surfaces from moisture
The roof may not be free of cracks from which water seeps into the ceiling, causing moisture, which is one of the most common problems that homes suffer from, and among the methods of waterproofing roofs:

Bitumen sheets: These are sheets that contain butiumene. These sheets are fixed by the heat of the gas, and this material prevents water from leaking from the surfaces.
Water glass: It is a substance that is dissolved in water and the use of a spray gun, which is sprayed directly on the surface.

Silica: It is a strong insulation material, as it is mixed in cement to be a basic material in concrete, where silica granules strengthen the particles of the cement mixture.
Rock wool: It is also included in the waterproofing when it is poured with a concrete layer.

Paraffin material: It is used as water glass is used.
Layers of polystyrene or cork: It is one of the modern methods of insulation.
Asphalt: It is one of the common methods of insulation, where a material of asphalt is brought that is sold in barrels and heated and melted until it becomes like a liquid, then spread it on the surface and left to dry.

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