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Symptoms of depression
Symptoms of depression
When talking about the symptoms of depression or psychological depression (in English: Depression), it must be linked to the diagnosis of infection with it, as its diagnosis depends on the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, and this evidence is based primarily on the nature of the symptoms that appear on the patient, which It is required that it last for at least two weeks and affect a person’s life, and it is required that the depressed mood or the loss of the ability to enjoy one of these symptoms, and these symptoms can be explained in detail as follows:

Suffering from a depressed mood for most of the day and almost every day, and adults can describe this as a feeling of sadness or emptiness, and it may appear on them by their constant desire to cry, and as for children and adolescents, they may appear irritable and disturbed.

Loss of the ability to enjoy most of the things in which the injured person used to find pleasure, every day and for most of the time of the day, and this symptom may be based on the description of the injured person or according to what others notice about him.

The occurrence of a change in weight equivalent to 5% of the original weight in one month, and the change in weight can be an increase or a decrease, and the patient may suffer from a change in appetite by an increase or a decrease every day, and it should be noted that this change in weight should not be planned .

Insomnia or excessive sleeping almost daily.
Feeling tired, general fatigue, and losing energy almost on a daily basis.
Significant irritability or lethargy, even from others.
Feeling worthless or important, or feeling guilty about things, even that have nothing to do with the sufferer, on an almost daily basis.

Poor ability to focus and think, and the inability to make decisions due to constant hesitation, and this may be noticeable by others.
Fear of death or thinking about death continuously, and it may have reached the point of thinking about suicide, or even planning it or developing a plan to do it.

It is worth noting that the symptoms of depression appear in the form of seizures, so that a period passes in which the symptoms subside, then another period begins in which they intensify. These periods are known as seizures, and the period of symptoms usually ranges from several weeks to a few months.

The difference between depression and sadness
Sadness is a natural feeling that all individuals can experience regardless of their differences, and that this feeling has a specific reason behind it, meaning that a person can feel sad as a result of losing his job, losing a relationship with a person dear to him , or the death of someone he loves greatly, or otherwise, and as for depression, there is no requirement for a reason to suffer from sadness

This is in addition to the fact that the depressed person feels sad about everything and cannot find pleasure in anything despite the multiplicity of reasons for enjoyment and joy around him. So much so that it impedes him from carrying out his daily activities

In addition to the need to take into account the time period and other symptoms that he suffers from, and to understand the difference better, it can be said that the feeling of sadness is not accompanied by a loss of pleasure in eating or meeting friends, while the person with depression does not enjoy anything whatsoever, and the person who feels sad can sleep a good number of hours and can also plan for tomorrow and work for motivation

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