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Types of hidden lighting
hidden lighting
Lighting is one of the most important elements that add beauty to the home, companies, and public places, and through it any boring place can be transformed into a truly amazing place, and instead of using lighting that contains a body and hanging chains, new types of hidden lighting have appeared.

Which gives lighting without hanging or being suspended, as it is usually hidden under plaster ceilings, or wooden house decorations, and only the lighting lens can appear in it.

Types of hidden lighting
The most frequently used types of hidden lighting are:

Tray Ceiling
It is a type of ambient lighting that we install on the roof itself, so that it gives full illumination to all levels of the place without focusing on one place, and it is usually in the form of a rope or long strings, which are installed on the ceiling surface in a straight way, and its prices are not expensive, it can be Installing this type of lighting also on the stairs in a hidden way, as it gives soft, non-irritating lighting to the stairs.

This lighting is called can lights; Where this lighting is installed on the ceilings, and through it the lamp appears in the form of a lens through which the light emerges, and the ring of the piece is also installed in it.

This lighting is very suitable for places with low ceilings. Because it is not possible to hang hanging lamps, and this lighting is not completely hidden, but the concealment rate reaches (90%), and the costs of this addition are not exorbitant, and it can be installed by the owner of the place himself.

side lights
This lighting is installed in the sides of the wall, or the sides of the doors or windows; In order to give lighting to the floors, which leads to its reflection on the ceilings, and to give an aesthetic to the place in a wonderful way, this lighting is hidden by (95%), that is, the body of the lamp and the lens are hidden, and this lighting also requires an electrician and a lamp technician to install it.

Recessed Floor Lights
Just as in the recessed lighting that is installed in the ceilings, the recessed floor lighting is in the same shape, but it is installed on the floors. This lighting is widely seen in museums and commercial buildings.

We can also use them in homes, especially in the front and back yard of the house, and on the floors of balconies and terraces, and the light lens in these lamps is thick and resistant to shocks and water.

Soffit Lighting
This lighting works by adding hidden lighting inside any part hanging from the ceiling, and this lighting can also be used under the hanging cabinets, and it can be installed between the spaces between the ceilings and cabinets, either by adding a strong glow that gives general lighting, or through light ambient lighting.

This lighting can also be installed on the overhanging edges of stairs, and this lighting is widely used inside homes and companies, and it is also used by governments in lighting the overhanging parts of bridges.

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